2017 2016-17 DrawingsAnimationsWe Wouldn't Love You Any Less (Triptych)Bruiser (Cycle 1, 2, 3) SeriesFossilHeld HoldLe Petite MortArtifactConduitHome Sweet HomeUntitled (Self Portrait)Six Thousand Three Hundred and Five Artificial Rose PetalsTxiv Yexus, Thov Noog Kuv ThovIf I had had a family dog growing up, it should have been youCompromiseAfterHe Wants Cake (Portrait of my Brother, Xue)Untitled (Detail)When You Were Young (Portrait of my Mother)Untitled (Trio)TiedMoney ShotDelicious (Self Portrait)Family Outing (Detail)Inauspicious BrachiosaurusFather's FatherTelegram Sept 2nd, 1972
My imagery seeks to subvert any notion of submissiveness and victimization. By brandishing my own weapon, I create a sense of visceral fear in the audience, among whom there are no doubt perpetrators of sexual violence. In my work I seek to question this slippage of power, domination/submission and agency, and to complicate the conventional understanding of victim narratives. In tandem with my own journey of recovery from sexual trauma, my current works act not only as record of but also as evidence of the struggle of agency and power in a body that has been violated. Rather than art-as-therapy, my work functions as protest imagery, illustrating the tipping point for a woman of color living in an oppressive patriarchal society. My current works explore themes of fantastical delicious revenge upon my oppressors: my rapist, my catcallers, and the probing male gaze.